The perfect place to learn a language and to share yours

EYL gives you 3 options 


Exchange your language – 50/50 with a native of the language you want to learn or improve.


I Learn a language- 100% focus on learning a language you want to learn, with a native teacher.


Share your language – you are the teacher!  Earn money and gain experience sharing your language.

If you have questions...



Learning a new language is a fantastic way to better yourself. Multiple languages are becoming more and more desirable for employers and new languages open up many opportunites for work. It is also a a great skill to have when travelling to a foreign land, so no more bemused faces when you are trying to order your lunch! EYL is the easiest way to find natives to help you learn a language, wherever you want, whenever you want.


Many people want to learn or teach a language but don’t have the opportunity. Here at EYL we bring people together and give them the chance to share and grow together. Arrange an exchange or class in advance, then have your exchange/class on skype or meet up at a time and place that suits both parties.

we are all around the world. 

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